We asked Rani Langer-Croager, the CEO of Uptima Business Bootcamp, to answer our question:

“What advice would you give an entrepreneur planning to start a business?”

Her answer:

One of the first things you need to understand as a new business owner is that building a business is a process, and a non-linear one at that. The first few years require many iterations of researching, designing, testing, measuring, learning, and adjusting to ensure that you’re offering a solution that meets the needs of your market and you’re creating a viable business model.

But, starting and running a business isn’t just about getting your product or service out there. To create a thriving business, you need to have a firm understanding of business concepts and possess certain skills and mindsets. As such, getting the right education and mentoring is important. Look for training programs that can provide a rigorous curriculum and expert instruction to help you build a strong foundation.

Lastly, embrace uncertainty. There is a lot of uncertainty in starting a business. The process of testing your idea and writing your first business plan puts you face to face with your fears about whether this new business will work. You have a choice to let that uncertainty stop you from pursuing your dreams or acknowledge it and work to equip yourself with knowledge and other resources to manage through it.



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