Today’s Featured Friday company is Piikup. We posed a question to April Fenall, Founder and CEO of Piikup (and Attaché for Business customer), Relatively new small business owners or entrepreneurs often feel self-conscious and second guess the decisions they make. What advice would you give these individuals?

My development as an entrepreneur has been a hell of a ride over the last three years. Looking back, I’m grateful for the emotional resilience and at how I’ve been able to fortify for myself to better survive the pitfalls.  

My advice for emerging small business owners or entrepreneurs is to understand early on the path they have chosen is a cross-country race, not a sprint. Even if you have the best conditioning physically if your mind says “I quit” it’s over.

My journey to develop and fortify my mindset centers around stages.

Healing Stage-  acknowledge and stop self-defeating talk, past trauma, and forgive yourself.

Discovering Stage – who are you, and how do you present or show up authentically.

Building Stage –  put yourself in situations, say yes to opportunity and people that add value vs extract.


About Piikup

Piikup is one of the only socially responsible delivery options in the San Francisco Bay Area offering logistic and transportation services for food and retail businesses. Delivering throughout the Bay Area and providing not only committed to providing superior customer service, but they also have an unwavering commitment to provide a safe, inclusive and educational work environment to those who otherwise have been or feel disadvantaged and are ready to change their narrative.

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