Entrepreneur (no contractors)

You Are An Entrepreneur, A Business Owner, A Solopreneur, or A Founder?

If you haven’t yet hired any help, you are in the right place

5 Common Mistakes Early Business Owners Make

  • Taking advice from everyone
  • Not setting up systems that will support growth. 
  • Spending money on the wrong things too early
  • Spending too much time building the perfect product
  • Not doing market research

Attaché will help you avoid these and other mistakes

You’ve started a business or maybe you are thinking about it. Are you trekking this journey alone or do you have partners / co-founders?

What questions do you have at this stage of your journey?

We have the answers or we can help you get them. We can steer you in the direction you want to go and help you find the resources you need. Download our Start-up Checklist and see what’s next or what you might be missing and how we can help.

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When building a business, Revenue is King but Organization is Queen

  • The average small business spends 8 hours per week looking for and recreating lost documents. That’s one full day of work. Add to that, the time spent being frustrated.
  • Disorganization is a signal to investors and buyers to look deeper.
  • If you have everything in order, you gain the confidence of your supporters, advisors and investors.
  • Stay organized, get document templates, and have quick access to vetted resources on your success filled journey.

As an entrepreneur with no contractor and no employees, you get:

  • A platform to get you started right.
  • Help setting up your organized, secure, and easy to find place to store everything
  • A quick and easy way to find and download your business documents, contracts, agreements, etc.
  • Templates for budgets, letters, sales sheets, and more
  • Template co-founder, advisor, and investor agreements
  • Step-by-step guides for start-ups
  • Non-disclosure eContracts
  • Open office hours
  • …and much, much, more

Let us meet you where you are, and the system grows with you.

There is so much to do and it seems like so little time. We are here to help you along the way. Think of us as your GPS or the gas station where you can ask for directions or get the help when things break down.

Getting started right, includes creating a strong infrastructure. As either an early stage business or solopreneur, you have many papers to file and track. You likely have questions regarding what to do next.

By joining Attaché, you save time and money as you grow and advance in your membership level. By joining now, you will receive a 20% discount on future membership levels.