You’ve Hired Your First Employee(s)

How to hire and manage employees

5 Common Mistakes Made With Early Hires

    • Thinking all you need is payroll at this stage
    • Not understanding exempt vs. non-exempt
    • Hiring one person to do too many different things
    • Not having a clear policies
    • Treating early employees like cofounder

Hiring employees is a BIG MOVE!

Logically you know millions of companies have employees. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a bit intimidating. You know, many companies don’t do a good job managing the employee relationships.

Creating a great employee experience is important, but you must also comply with all types of regulations and not all employees come with the work ethic and commitment that you have.

Scroll down to learn the resources you get at this stage

Hiring employees is much more complicated than hiring contractors. Start your employee hiring journey out right and you will be set for the future.  

With our years of business and human resources experience, we guide you every step of the way. From finding the right payroll system to setting up a culture that fits your mission and can grow as you add employees.


Scroll down to learn the resources you get at this stage

At this stage of your journey, with Attaché, you get:

  • Employee management portal
  • Resources for hiring employees
  • An employee management platform
  • Self-paced training on hiring employees
  • Template offer letters
  • Payroll system recommendations
  • Insurance recommendations
  • Goal sheets to manage – especially remote employees
  • Employment law requirements for fewer than five employees
  • Template Employee Handbook
  • Template Policies
  • Advice along the way
  • …and more

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