You’re Growing: You Have 25 – 49 Employees

Five Common Mistakes With 25 – 49 Employees:

  • Not having a solid organizational structure
  • Hiring the wrong people and positions
  • Giving inflated job titles in lieu of money
  • Getting caught up in growth and losing sight of quality
  • Not getting expert advice

You are growing and scaling. Your business is on solid ground. Now a whole host of new complications arise and what worked when you were smaller, isn’t working as well today.

Federal, State, and Local regulators have more regulations that impact you. You are carefully watching your budget and evaluating where you go from here.

With our years of business and human resources experience in large and small companies, we will be your guide as you grow. You will still have access to everything you received during the previous milestone.

Hear how Attaché helped K.O. Business Solutions Scale

Plus, now you open up:

  • Links to federal and state regulators
  • Additional letter and eContract templates
  • Recommendations on various service providers        
  • Organizational structure, redesign and transformation resources
  • Employment laws that impact organizations with 25 + employees
  • New policies that impact your size organization
  • Management courses
  • Advice along the way
  • …and more

By becoming a member of Attaché, you save time and money as you grow and advance in your membership level. By joining now, you lock in your current price and receive a 20% discount if you upgrade to the next level .