You’re Growing: You Have 5 – 24 Employees

Five Common Mistakes at 5 – 24 Employees:

  • Adding employees too quickly
  • Not managing the budget
  • Allowing intended company culture to slip
  • Not consistently following company policies
  • Not having solid sales strategies

Once you have five employees, certain laws kick in that you didn’t have to worry about before. Many experts say that 10 employees is the magic number when the organization begins to be challenged from a cultural standpoint.

Most small businesses get it wrong at this stage because they lock themselves into laws meant for even bigger companies or don’t follow the required regulations. There aren’t only Federal laws, but there are state,city, county, and parish specific laws.

We’ve been there and can help you navigate this critical growth path.

With our years of business and human resources experience in large and small companies, we will be your guide as you grow.

You will still have access to everything you received at the previous milestones.

Plus, now you open up:

  • Links to federal and state regulators
  • Additional letter templates
  • Recommendations on what to look for in various services
  • Team-based management strategies
  • Employment law requirements for 5-24 employees
  • An organized and easy to find place to store everything
  • Template Employee Handbook for your larger workforce.
  • Template Policies
  • Advice along the way
  • …and more

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